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Monthly Archives: May 2022

IranWire Documentary: The Iran-Linked Assassinations of Arab Activists and Journalists

Iranwire – Ever since Iraq’s October 2019 protests thrust their existence back into the spotlight, pro-Islamic Republic militants have stopped at nothing to intimidate and silence critics in the country. Scores of Iraqis who took a stand against the Iranian regime, Hezbollah or Tehran-backed armed forces meddling in their country’s internal affairs have been targeted with death threats, kidnappings and even assassinations. …

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Iran Buries Slain Revolutionary Guards Colonel, Vows Revenge

Iran held a funeral procession on Tuesday in the center of the capital Tehran for Revolutionary Guards Colonel Hassan Sayad Khodai, who was shot dead by two people on a motorcycle, and his commander vowed to avenge the attack. State television showed crowds surrounding a truck carrying Khodai’s casket, wrapped in Iran’s flag and strewn with flowers. Mourners held portraits …

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Hunger strikes only way for Iranian prisoners to achieve their rights

Iran-HRM – According to sources and human rights activists in Iran, several prisoners are currently on hunger strikes in various prisons across the country. Despite the many health problems caused by hunger strikes for prisoners, many prisoners in Iran have no other choice but to go on hunger strikes as the last way to achieve their legitimate demands. At least …

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Iran establishes new base to enforce mandatory hijab

Iran-HRM – The Iranian regime has increased its crackdown against civil and political liberties to counter a society crushed under skyrocketing prices and inflation. Repression maneuvers, executions, restrictions on the Internet, and setting up bases to impose compulsory hijab on women are among the measures that the authorities have taken to suppress the people. New bases established to enforce mandatory …

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Ladan Molasaeedi Executed for Murder in Qarchak Prison

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – Ladan Molasaeedi, a woman sentenced to qisas(retribution-in-kind) for murder, was executed in Qarchak Prison today. She is the fifth woman to be executed in 2022. According to HRANA news agency, a woman was executed in Qarchak Prison on May 25. Her identity has been reported as Ladan Molasaeedi who was sentenced to qisas for murder. Ladan was transferred …

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The rise and fall of a powerful media mogul running Iran’s propaganda machinery

A few weeks ago Nader Talebzadeh, Iranian regime’s chief propagandist and media mogul, passed away following cardiac arrest, according to official reports. Iranian state media tells a story of a famous and most accomplished Iranian documentary film maker, even though he was only able to produce one film during his whole career. A man so important to the regime that …

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Two Pilots Dead As Iranian Fighter Jet Crashes During Training Mission

RFL/RE – Two Iranian Air Force pilots were killed when their F-7 fighter jet crashed during a training mission near the city of Naeen in central Iran. The state news agency IRNA said the crash occurred in the morning on May 24. The state ISNA news agency quoted a military official as saying that it appeared a “technical issue” caused the accident, …

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Col. Khodaei: The Hunter Who Was Hunted Down

Iranwire – On Sunday, May 22, an IRGC colonel by the name of Hassan Sayyad Khodaei was shot dead in Tehran by two unidentified gunmen on a motorbike. Earlier today IRGC spokesman Ramezan Sharif blamed elements in “the global domination system and Zionism” for the assassination. Insiders said the assassinated colonel’s nom de guerre was “Hunter”, a pseudonym that matched his mission – which, according to Haaretz, was …

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