Monday , 27 June 2022

Former Empress Farah Pahlavi on the Future of Iran

Iranwire – The former Empress of Iran before the 1979 revolution, Farah Pahlavi, gives a rare interview with Town & Country’s Marc Karimzadeh on her role as a symbol of modernization in Iran, what was, and what could have been. 

Farah Pahlavi was the last Empress of Iran before the Islamic Revolution

After 43 years in exile, it would be easy to withdraw and resign oneself to bitterness. But speaking from her home in Paris, where she has spent part of almost every year since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi fondly – and frankly – looks back at the two decades she served Iran by Mohammad Reza Shah’s side.

It has been nearly five decades since her 1975 sitting with Town & Country, and the empress’s relaxed, regal comportment remains remarkably unchanged.

“It was a beautiful time,” the empress remembers during our visitation, the type of which she rarely grants anymore. 

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