Tuesday , 4 October 2022

More Than 4,000 Iranian Doctors Applied for Emigration Paperwork Last Year

Iranwire – Close to 4,000 Iranian doctors applied for a Certificate of Good Standing in order to emigrate to and work in other countries last year, a spokesman for the Iranian Medical System Association has said.

Dr. Reza Laripour, a clinician, vice-chancellor at the military’s AJA University of Medical Sciences and the Association’s head of PR, told reporters on Monday that the body had received the highest number of applications on record in the Persian calendar year 1400.

He added: “The largest number of requests came in Shahrivar [August to September] 2021, and the highest number of requests were from general practitioners.”

Certificates of Good Standing are required are required for foreign doctors newly arriving in the UK, the UAE and some other countries to receive a work visa and clearance to work in medical settings.

From 2014 to 2016, according to the Association’s records, fewer than 60 physicians were applying for the documentation per year. The new applicants, Laripour said, were not only young and newly-qualified doctors but came from a range of different age groups, with varying levels of experience.