Wednesday , 25 May 2022

President Biden’s response to Iran National Liberation Front (INLF) letters to Biden and the E.U.

Shabtabnews – In a recent letter US President Biden outlines his response to Dr. Bahramian’s  letter on behalf of National Liberation Front (INLF) to the US President and the EU.

Dr Bahramian in his opne letter stated that : ” Iranian people, all over the world have declared this suppressive regime as illegal, and in their quest to establish a secular democracy in Iran, are seeking the support of world community. This can be instrumental to bring peace and stability across the Middle East; a desire that all peace loving people of the world community can cherish.

He further added that ” The Iranian people, by means of civil-disobedience are seeking an orderly regime change to establish a free, democratic and secular form of governance in Iran. We, therefore, request the United States Administration in supporting the Iranian people for conducting a free election under the supervision of international observers. Any negotiations, deals or agreements, political or economic, open or secret, that the ruling Islamic regime has executed in the past will be subject to revision and/or cancellation by future democratic government of Iran, and any further negotiations will only prolong its power-grip on the nation, and is therefore, condemned and declared VOID by Iranian people. “

President Biden in response to the letter after thanking Dr. Bahramian for his letter stated that his administration is focused on renewing US leadership in international institutions and reclaim US credibility and also added that he will keep INLF”s views in mind as “we work to meet the challenges of our time.”

For Original letters of INLF to EU and US President see below files.

For President Biden’s response see below file: