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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Iran, Russia Tout Closer Ties Amid Tensions With Europe, US

VOA – Iran’s president visited Russia this week on a visit Iranian officials called a “turning point” in their relations, as officials also announced a planned joint naval exercise that includes China for later this week. The visit by President Ebrahim Raisi to Moscow comes amid rising tensions between Russia and Western countries over Moscow’s troop buildup on Ukraine’s border, …

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Interview: “Serious Ramifications” for Women in Iran’s New Population Growth Law

CHRI – A new law ratified by Iran’s Parliament that’s officially aimed at population growth was designed to the detriment of women in the country, the prominent gender rights activist Mina Khani told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI). “In a country like Iran, with all its reactionary laws concerning women and severe economic pressures, more laws that further restrict access to …

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Ex-Wife Of Iranian-Swedish Dissident Concerned Over Fairness Of Trial

RFL/RE – The ex-wife of an Iranian-Swedish dissident on trial in Iran says she’s worried he will not get a fair trial on terrorism charges that she believes are trumped up. Iranian authorities have accused Habib Chaab, a founder and former leader of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) separatist group, of “managing and leading a …

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Iranian Financial Journalist Sentenced To Nearly Four Years In Prison

RFL/RE – A court in Tehran has sentenced financial reporter Amir-Abbas Azarmvand to three years and seven months in prison after convicting him of “spreading propaganda against the system.” Azarmvand, who works for the state-run financial newspaper SMT, was also banned from leaving the country for two years. Azarmvand, was arrested in September over his reporting and held in Tehran’s Evin prison, …

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The Islamic Republic’s Compromised Stance on Human Shields

Iranwire – The use of civilians, prisoners of war, medics and other protected individuals as “human shields” in military conflict has been forbidden under international law for almost 45 years. It refers to the deliberate placing of civilians between an attacker and a legitimate military target in order to deter attacks. Despite Iran’s existing commitments, the Islamic Republic has a …

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Ex-Detainees of Syria’s Torture Prisons React to Anwar Raslan Sentencing

Iranwire – “Anwar Raslan is not wronged. He was tried for the crimes he committed. The verdict was just and I feel satisfied.” So says Ruwaida Kanaan, a former detainee at a notorious Damascus detention center known as Branch 251 in Damascus, after ex-Syrian regime intelligence official Anwar Raslan was jailed for life by a German court last week. On Thursday, January …

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Police-Backed Report: Iran’s Armed Forces Helpless Against US Espionage

Iranwire – Espionage comes with a heavy price. In the Islamic Republic, when an individual is arrested and convicted of spying, he or she will face a lengthy prison sentence, and often, the death penalty. In most cases, the individuals in question — among them members of the military, the clergy, and the security and intelligence institutions — are accused …

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Yemeni Civilians Bear Brunt of Suffering in Escalating Conflict

VOA — As the fighting in Yemen heats up, the U.N. human rights office warns Yemen’s warring parties that wanton attacks against civilians and civilian targets could amount to war crimes. Reciprocal attacks by Yemen’s warring parties have been escalating this month. They have intensified since Iranian-backed Houthi rebels carried out missile and bomb-laden drone attacks on the United Arab Emirates …

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Nobel laureates call for the immediate release of honor students

Iran-HRM – In a joint letter to the UN Secretary-General & the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a group of Nobel laureates and academic researchers called for the immediate release of university students Ali Younesi and Amirhossein Moradi. The signatories of the letter which was released on Tuesday, January 18, called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, as well as …

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