Saturday , 25 March 2023

IOPHR’s Statement regarding the Death of Baktash Abtin

Shabtabnews – In a statement IOPHR reminded the world that based on the past evidence of the Iranian Regime’s inhuman action, it’s likely that the regime will continue to exploit the current Corona crisis as means of stealth massacre of Iranian ideological and political prisoners like the death of Baktash Abtin.

The statement also stated ” countless prisoners of conscience, including Behnam Mahjoubi, a Gonabadi Sufi, and most recently Mr. Mehdi Kazemi, and prominent artist, documentary filmmaker, writer, poet, and critic Baktash Abtin, all of whom were imprisoned, have lost their lives and have been effectively killed one way or another through medical means.

“The only crime of Behnam Mahjoubi and Baktash Abtin was that they persistently objected to the inhuman actions of the Iranian regime and its violation of human rights that the Islamic Republic has been trying to cover up for years.

The death of Baktash Abtin coincides with the second anniversary of the deliberate downing of a passenger plane of PS 752 Ukrainian Airlines by two missiles fired by the units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps moments after taking off from Tehran airport. An act which was a deliberate and premeditated which resulted in the murder of 176 innocent people that clearly showed the depth of inhumane nature of the Islamic Republic and its enmity against humanity.

“In this regard, the IOPHR once again draws the world’s attention to the purposeful and institutionalized use of the COVID-19 virus by the Islamic Republic’s system, as a type of biological weapon against its own people and warns of continued global silence and inaction against these crimes, which also pose grave dangers to the free and democratic nations’ security.”

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IOPHR’s Statement regarding the Death of Baktash Abtin | Preserve Human Rights