Tuesday , 7 February 2023

IOPHR’s statement regarding the recent threats and psychological warfare by Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Cyber army against Mrs. Beheshti

Shabtabnews – In a statement IOPHR declared that, members of IOPHR, in particular Mrs. Sharman Beheshti, who have made tireless and continuous efforts to combat falsehood and shed light on the deceptions that the Iranian security apparatus use to govern Sufism through the establishment of Gonabadi Sufi sect in Iran, for the second time in recent months, have been the target of relentless threats and waves of a destructive psychological war. The statement further stated that the are evidence which point to these threats being conducted by IRGC’s cyber army and the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and its “Department of Religions and Sects.”

Moreover, the statement stated that “although the publishers of these dangerous and violent posts all use fake and anonymous accounts affiliated with IRGC’s cyber army, one can observe a number of people with genuine accounts who are most likely employees of the intelligence services behind this hate campaign, or are family members of those responsible for this these posts. The republishing of these posts by several fake and genuine accounts broadens this hate campaign and its hate-mongering message within cyberspace.

“The perpetrators of these dangerous Instagram accounts aim to launch an immoral psychological war against Mrs. Sharman Beheshti, by the use of false propaganda, and fake claims that allege Mrs. Beheshti’s affiliation with an imaginary Zionist network. These posts even claim that Mr. Bernard Henri Levy, the famous French philosopher and writer, is also a part of this zionist network, and is in fact one of its main actors and operators.

“Accordingly, IOPHR, while drawing the attention of all relevant authorities and international organizations and human rights activists to the dangerous consequences of the hatred campaign against Mrs. Beheshti conducted by cyber agents affiliated with the Islamic Republic, calls on international human rights organizations to take a stand against these types of violent hate campaigns by condemning the perpetrators and blocking the continuation of these hateful activities by hate groups, who are in reality the enemies of humanity, art and human rights.”

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