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Iran’s Anti-Vice Headquarters Building Database to Fight ‘Abnormal’ Clothing’

Iranwire – “We are serious about eradicating abnormal clothing from the community as soon as possible.” So said the social affairs deputy of Iran’s Headquarters for Enjoining Good and Prohibiting Vice on Wednesday, October 27. Khan Mohammadi told reporters that certain garments on the market were “inappropriate” and as far as the Headquarters was concerned, “The production and distribution of …

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Hamid Nouri Trial Witness: ‘I Said Goodbye to Myself’

Iranwire – The 33rd hearing in the criminal trial of Hamid Nouri, a former prosecutor’s assistant at Gohardasht Prison during the 1988 Iranian prison massacre, took place on Tuesday, October 26. Proceedings in Stockholm District Court opened with a surprise announcement: the judge said she would be traveling to Albania for two weeks to hear the testimonies of several plaintiffs who were …

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Three Political Prisoners Tranferred to Unknown Location

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – Mohayadin Ebrahimi, Mohayadin Tazehvared and Davood Jabbari-Maraghush were transferred to an unknown location from Urmia Central Prison. They are all serving security-related sentences and both Mohayadins are on death row which raises concerns about their possible executions. According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, three political prisoners were transferred to an unknown location from …

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Iran lashes out at UN’s latest report on human rights violations

Al-Monitor – Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations condemned as “reprehensible” the latest report by the United Nations human rights rapporteur, Javaid Rehman. In a statement, the deputy of Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations, Zahra Ershadi “expressed regret” at how Rehman had relied on “ambiguous and unofficial sources” with information provided by “terrorist groups.” Ershadi did not specify …

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Iran president says cyberattack not the first, won’t be last

Al-Monitor – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visited gas stations in Tehran a day after a cyberattack, presumably from a foreign country, caused long delays at the pump. Raisi said that this cyberattack is neither the first time nor will it be the last and asked people to be prepared for more. At a cabinet meeting, Raisi also said that the attack’s purpose was …

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Iran’s President Raisi: Cyberattack on fuel sector designed to ‘make nation angry’

Al-Arabia – A cyberattack which disrupted the sale of heavily subsidized gasoline across the Islamic Republic was designed to create “disorder and disruption”, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday.“We need to be equipped and prepared against cyberattacks,” Iranian state media quoted Raisi as saying. For all the latest headlines follow our Google News channel online or via the app.MIDDLE …

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Iranian, EU Envoys Meeting In Brussels In Effort To Revive Nuclear Deal

RFL/RE – Iran’s nuclear negotiator is to meet with EU envoy Enrique Mora in Brussels on October 27 as U.S. and EU officials say efforts continue to restart talks on reviving the Iran nuclear deal.Ali Bagheri Kani said on Twitter earlier this week that he will be in Brussels “to continue our talks on result-oriented negotiations.”Kani is expected to meet with Mora, …

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IranWire Exclusive: The Iranian Chain Store Powered by Forced Prison Labor

Iranwire – Those unfortunate enough to have experience of Iranian prisons are unanimous on the poor quality and exorbitant prices of prison store goods, which they are effectively forced to buy from. Convicts are convinced that the canteen food is deliberately so badly cooked that they’re left with no choice but to spend more in the shops, creating a captive market. This …

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“Khamenei! Where’s Our Gas?”: Cyberattack Hits Iran’s Digital Traffic Signs

Iranwire – Digital traffic signs over major highways in Isfahan appeared on Tuesday to have been hacked to bear the slogan: “Khamenei! Where’s our gas?” Videos were published on Persian-language social media in the afternoon showing vehicles passing under the compromised signs. Another said “Free gas at Jamaran gas station”, a reference to the home of Iran’s first Supreme Leader …

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