Thursday , 20 January 2022

A woman hanged in Qazvin, another faces imminent execution

Iran-HRM – A woman was hanged in Qazvin and another faces imminent execution in Sanandaj, the capital of the Iranian Kurdistan province.

The authorities of the Central Prison of Qazvin hanged a 31-year-old woman at dawn on Wednesday, October 27.

Susan Rezaei-pour was on the death row after being convicted of killing her husband six years ago. She had acted in self-defense. Her husband was reportedly an alcoholic who was drunk all day and used to beat her every day.

Susan had been forced to marry her cousin at early age.

The clerical regime’s state media have not published the news of this execution as this news is being published.

Another early marriage victim, Soheila Abedi, 32, is facing imminent execution in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan province.

Married to her husband at the age of 15, she killed him in 2015. She will be executed in a month’s time if she does not obtain the victim’s family’s consent.

Iran is a world record-holder in the rate of per capita executions. It is also the chief executioner of women in the world.

Susan Rezaei-pour was 122nd woman executed in Iran under the presidency of Rouhani and Raisi.

Ebrahim Raisi has stepped up executions since he took office in June. The clerical regime carried out 141 executions just last month.

Iran comes second only to China when it comes to number of executions worldwide – but with a much smaller population.

Under its Islamic Penal Code, a death sentence can be handed down for crimes such as kidnapping, adultery, drinking alcohol and political crimes as well as murder.

Children can also be sentenced to death, which is against international law.

Iran Human Rights Monitor appeals to the international community to pressure the Iranian regime to stop their common use of the death penalty, especially against women, and to annul all related decrees. It further calls the attention of the international community to the deplorable situation of women on death row in Iran.