Thursday , 2 December 2021

Tortured woman attacked by prosecutor instead of abusive husband

Iran-HRM – A woman who was tortured for three years by her husband was attacked by a prosecutor for speaking to the media.

Parastoo Navardi

Parastoo Navardi, a 36 year old mother of two was tortured and sexually abused by her drug addict husband in Abadan located in Khuzestan Province.

In a video recently shared on social media, Parastoo said her husband would mock execute her with a noose every night after he used crystal meth. She has gone blind in one eye. Signs of torture are evident on her body.

She was finally able to escape her abusive husband after three years.

When Parastoo went to court to press charges, the prosecutor attacked her for “speaking to the media” about her plight.

Reports say the man is still roaming free and her nine and seven year old children are still living with their father.

Parastoo Navardi, 36, was tortured & sexually abused by her drug addict husband. The mother of 2 escaped her husband after 3 years.
When she went to court to file a complaint, the prosecutor attacked her for “speaking to the media” about her plight. #Iran #HumanRights— IRAN HRM (@IranHrm) October 20, 2021

Dealing with domestic violence and complaints about it, is no easy task even in circumstances when the law, family and institutions stand by a woman and support her.

In Iran, the situation is worse particularly due to the legal loopholes overlooking women’s irrefutable rights including the right to be safe from violence.

The Iranian regime’s nine years of foot dragging on the adoption of the bill to stop violence against women in Iran, has finally created disaster. Iran holds world record in domestic violence against women, the regime’s experts and media have revealed.

77,059 is the official number declared by the Iranian Chief Coroner and published by the state-owned IRNA news agency in 2018, of women who experienced domestic abuse and sought medical support in one year.

However, in a nation where the clerical regime silences women, the numbers are surely higher. Domestic violence complaints have doubled in one year.

Ali Hadizadegan, Director of the Coroner’s Office in Mashhad, reported that the most widely reported victims of domestic violence are 20-35-year-old women and acknowledged that the numbers do not reflect the women who do not come forward.