Thursday , 2 December 2021

Police File Case Against Woman Detained With Catch Pole

Iranwire – The social deputy of the Tehran Security Police has announced a case has been filed against a woman whose violent arrest on the streets of the capital went viral last week.

Colonel Morad Moradi told ISNA news agency that at the time of her arrest, the woman had been “insulting and aggressive” while disobeying the orders of police officers.

Last Wednesday, a video was posted on social media showing the woman being dragged and manhandled into a waiting van. The officers involved appeared to be using a catch pole – of the sort normally used to hunt wild animals – as they pushed her into the vehicle with such force that she hit her head.

The exact date and location of the incident are unknown, but the logo of Greater Tehran Security Police was visible on the van. Colonel Moradi said the case was now with the judicial authorities.

“Investigations show that the reason for her arrest was not the lack of hijab,” he added. “She was charged with other crimes on the request of the people, and a local businessmen.”