Sunday , 26 June 2022

Young People Prosecuted in Dezful for Guitar-Playing Video

Iranwire – A group of young people in Dezful, Khuzestan are being prosecuted for taking part in a music video.

The Sol-la music group, which includes children, released a video several days ago in which they played and sang songs together at the historic Saniei Residence, a local history museum in Dezful.

This minor artistic activity was apparently not to the liking of Dezful police. On Sunday, the force said both the “participants and producers” had had a case filed against them. Payman Yousefi, director of Sol-a, was summoned to the local police station together with several of the young people.

“We identified and summoned the members of this group in less than 24 hours,” Dezful police chief Ruhollah Geravandi told local news agencies. He added: “Dezful is the city of al-Momenin [believers] and we will not allow the image of the city and its reputation to be tarnished.”

Mr. Geravandi did not elaborate on how teenagers singing and playing the guitar was linked to the city’s religion or reputation.

Because of the location of the film, police also summoned the owner of the Saniei Residence and made him sign a written undertaking not to permit such activities on the premises again.

Iranian women and girls were banned from playing music and singing solo after the Islamic Revolution. The depiction of musical instruments on TV was also officially barred.