Thursday , 21 October 2021

Chinese ‘Tourists’ Sentenced for Covertly Filming Iranian Women

Iranwire – Two Chinese nationals have been sentenced to prison terms for taking and sharing pictures of Iranian women without their consent, their lawyer told reporters.

Mehdi Aziz-Zadeh said his two clients, who were arrested in June this year, had been sentenced to “imprisonment, flogging and fines”. They have since been released temporarily after posting a heavy bail. He added: “We can’t go further into the details, because an appeal is yet to be made.”

The two men were brought before a judge at Tehran Criminal Court on Monday, August 22. Five women are plaintiffs in the case, a segment about which was broadcast on Iranian state TV in the summer.

One of the men was said to have posted around 50 different videos of encounters with Iranian women and girls online, boasting that it was possible to “get anything in Iran for $50”. Iran’s Computer Crimes Law prohibits posting images or video content of people without their consent in a way that would “harm their dignity”.

Aziz-Zadeh added that his two clients had been held in “unsuitable” conditions, with no access to a telephone or a means to contact their families. The Chinese embassy has yet to intervene in the case.