Saturday , 25 September 2021

IOPHR statement regarding the release of images of torture and human rights violations in Iranian prisons

Shabtabnews- In a statement IOPHR stated that “the recent harrowing images of the inhumane behaviour of the agents of the ruling regime in Iran in prisons once again reminded the world of the bitter, painful and undeniable reality of the continuous and organized violation of human rights in Iran. These images show the definite violations of the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran Prisons and Security and Educational Measures, approved in 1985, and the executive regulations of the Organization of Prisons and Security and Educational Measures, approved in 2005.

These images also demonstrate the Iranian regime’s violation of the binding provisions of General Assembly Resolution 111/54 of 15 December 2012, as well as the instructions of the first UN General Assembly on Crime Prevention adopted in Geneva in 1955, as well as Resolutions No. (663 C XXIV) dated 31 July 1957 and (2076 LXII) dated 13 May 1977 of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, of which Iran is a signatory.

The publication of these disturbing images once again reminds us of the undeniable fact that any agreement without focus on the issue of human rights violations in the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will be a legally invalid and politically unstable agreement.”

The statement ended by reiterating the need to impose political and diplomatic sanctions aimed at limiting the destructive activities of the Islamic Republic.

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