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Christians In Iran Facing Heightened Persecution In Wake Of Recent Elections

christianitydaily – The Christian church in Iran is worried that it will most likely suffer increased persecution under the leadership of former Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi who was elected as Iran’s president on June 18. Raisi, who won with 72% of the vote amidst the controversial elections, replaced Hassan Rouhani who could not be re-elected after serving two terms. The …

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Iran Hosts Talks With Afghan, Taliban Delegations As Militants Make Advances

RFL/RE – Iran says it is hosting talks between an Afghan delegation and senior Taliban representatives. The talks on July 7 come as the militant group continues to push through northern areas of the war-torn country amid the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Opening the talks in Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif welcomed the departure of U.S. troops from …

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Industries at Risk as Bitcoin Mining Brings Blackouts to Iranian Cities

Iranwire – Industries will close for a period of two weeks due to power outages, Iran’s Minister of Energy has announced. The decision follows weeks of blackouts caused by continued cryptocurrency mining, which the government banned in late May. According to the Iranian Students’ News Agency, energy minister Reza Ardakanian announced the shutdown on Wednesday, July 7. Outlining the damage cryptocurrency mining was …

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Taliban Commander: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Have Our Backs on the Border

Iranwire – The last US and foreign troops are due to leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. There is still no clear prospect for peace in the country, or for anything other than a probable uprising by the Taliban against Afghan government forces. The state has armed citizens in some parts of the country, including women, in anticipation of bloodshed to come. …

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British-Iranian Mehran Raouf Awaiting Verdict in Evin Prison

Iranwire – British-Iranian citizen Mehran Raouf is still being held in Iran’s Evin Prison and was not given access to a lawyer until the day of his trial, Amnesty International has said. Raouf, a 64-year-old labor rights activist, was detained in Tehran last October while on a visit to the country from the UK. He was held in solitary confinement on the …

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Iran annals death sentence of man ten months after his execution

Iran-HRM – Ten months after a young man was executed in a northwest Iran prison, the Supreme Court overturned the convictions against him. Khezr Ghavidel was arrested in 2013 for drug charges and sentenced to death along with two others. Khezr Ghavidel was executed on September 10, 2020 was still open was being considered by the Supreme Court, which has …

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Mohseni Ejei’s Appointment as Iran’s Judiciary Chief Poses Grave Threat to Rights Activists

CHRI —The appointment of Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei, a major human rights violator, as the Islamic Republic’s new judiciary chief is another indication of the commitment by the country’s ruling establishment to use the judicial system as a means to suppress peaceful dissent in Iran. “Ejei’s appointment is an obvious threat to Iran’s civil society, considering his considerable role in suppressing popular protests …

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