Thursday , 29 July 2021

New Israel prime minister says renewing Iran nuclear deal ‘mistake,’ as US resumes negotiations

justthenews – Naftali Bennett, Israel’s new prime minister, says renewing the Iran nuclear deal is a “mistake.”

“The renewal of the nuclear agreement is a mistake,” Bennett said Sunday in his opening remarks in the Knesset, according to The New York Times. “Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and will maintain full freedom of action.”

Bennett’s statement echoes what predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu argued in 2015 when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly called the Iran nuclear deal, was negotiated.

The United States and Iran are currently engaged in indirect negotiations in Vienna, Austria, to return to the deal after former President Trump unilaterally pulled out of the agreement in 2018.

Bennet swore that he would attempt to coordinate with the Biden administration to create a stable situation between Israel and Iran.

“The leaders agreed that they and their teams would consult closely on all matters related to regional security, including Iran,” a White House spokesperson said Sunday after Bennet spoke to Biden on the phone after his election victory, according to CNN.