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Monthly Archives: April 2021

U.N. atomic watchdog reports new Iranian breach of nuclear deal

(Reuters) – The U.N. atomic watchdog on Friday flagged a new breach by Iran of its nuclear deal with major powers on the day those powers met to revive the agreement, a report by the agency seen by Reuters showed, likely raising tensions with Western powers.Slideshow ( 2 images ) The International Atomic Energy Agency avoids saying Iran has breached the …

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Russia, China say Iran talks to resume next week

Al-Arabia – Envoys from China and Russia to the Iran nuclear talks said on Friday there had been progress in efforts to bring Iran and the US back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal and that all sides would reconvene next week. Former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal, which lifted economic sanctions on Iran in return …

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Weekly Review of Censorship: Filmmakers who Criticized China Deal Threatened with Blacklisting

Iranwire – Eighteen Iranian filmmakers who criticized the recent 25-year cooperation agreement between Iran and China have been told to withdraw their signatures or face blacklisting. On April 4, the 18 industry figures had published an open letter condemning the deal, stating that it was against the national interest and the contents were being “kept hidden from the Iranian people”. …

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Official Report Lays Bare Endemic Corruption in Iran’s Medical Sector

Iranwire – For years now, the results of corruption in the Iranian drug market have been linked by officials to sanctions whenever they come up. Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran these debates have become even more heated than before. At the top tier, sprawling parastatal holdings companies such as the Barakat Foundation occupy a central position in the …

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Iran Frees South Korean Ship it Held Amid Funds Dispute

VOA – A South Korean oil tanker held for months by Iran amid a dispute over billions of dollars seized by Seoul was freed and sailed away early Friday, just hours ahead of further talks between Tehran and world powers over its tattered nuclear deal. data showed the MT Hankuk Chemi leaving Bandar Abbas in the early morning hours. South Korea’s …

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US ‘Monitoring’ as Iran Sends Fuel Tankers to Venezuela in Defiance of Sanctions

VOA – As Iran sent three gasoline shipments to fuel-starved Venezuela in recent months in defiance of U.S. sanctions, the Biden administration apparently did nothing to stop the tankers, signaling a reticence to enforce the sanctions and a savviness by the anti-U.S. allies in evading them. Two National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC)-owned vessels, the Faxon and the Fortune, delivered several …

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Nine Baha’i citizens summoned to serve prison terms for following their faith

Iran-HRM – Iranian authorities have summoned nine Baha’i citizens to begin prison terms after convicting them of security crimes for peaceful activities including proselytizing for the Baha’i faith. On April 6, nine Baha’i men and women were summoned to serve their prison terms in Alborz Province, west of the capital Tehran. They were told to present themselves within five days …

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Concerns for Imprisoned Whistleblower Farhad Salmanpour

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Farhad Salmanpour Zoheir, a civil activist and whistleblower currently held at the 2nd Brigade of the Greater Tehran Penitentiary (Fashafuyeh), has been denied medical care despite several injuries and is kept with prisoners convicted of violent crimes without regard for the principle of the separation of crimes. His lawyer, Mohammad Hossein Aghasi told Iran Human …

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