Wednesday , 14 April 2021

Ahmadreza Djalali: 100 Days of Solitary on Death Row

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Dr Ahmadreza Djalali, a Swedish-Iranian scientist on death row in Evin Prison, has spent 100 days in solitary confinement, and only permitted one family visit in that period.

According to Iran Human Rights, political prisoner, Ahmadreza Djalali was transferred to the solitary confinement cells of Ward 209, where he has been deprived of his basic rights.

At the time, Ahmadreza was told that he was being transferred in preparation for his execution, sparking an international backlash.

Vida Mehrannia, Ahmadreza’s wife told IHR: “During this period, Ahmadreza has not been allowed to visit with his lawyer and was only able to see his family once, two weeks ago. He is not in a good physical condition. He has lost 7/8 kilograms and his heart rate has dropped down to 40 again. He’s not well at all, 40 is at a very dangerous level. And he is also under a great deal of mental pressure, he is not allowed to call his wife and children.”

Ahmadreza Djalali who had travelled to Iran at the official invitation of the University of Tehran, was arrested by Ministry of Intelligence agents on 24 April 2016 and spent three months in the Ministry’s detention centre.

Initially charged with “collaborating with hostile states”, he was later convicted of “moharebeh (enmity against God) through espionage for Israel” by the Revolutionary Court of Tehran which was also upheld by the Supreme Court.