Thursday , 5 August 2021

Two men killed by IRGC forces in northwest Iran

Iran-HRM – Two men in Piranshahr in northwestern Iran were shot and killed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) today.

Two men killed by IRGC forces in northwest Iran

According to an informed source, the IRGC forces directly targetted the men “Abdullah Naderi” and “Osman Naderi”, who were brothers, without prior notice.
Kurdish local websites reported that the IRGC forces shot the two men without any specific reason.

The bodies of the two men were taken to Piranshahr Hospital and have not yet been handed over to their family.

This is not an isolated case. Security forces and police in the northwestern and western cities of Iran open fire with impunity, injuring and killing innocent locals.

On February 20, two other men in Sardasht were shot and killed by security forces yesterday. The two men were dodging bullets, when they fell off the cliff and drowned in a river.

The two men were identified as Abubakr Mohammadi, 36-years-old, and Eskandar Mohammad, 35-years-old.

Abubakr was married and father to one child, and Mohammad was married father of two. An informed source said the security forces suspected the two of smuggling goods and opened fire on them. Their bodies were recovered by locals.

The Iranian regime’s security forces and the IRGC have a history of shooting and killing innocent civilians. There are almost daily reports of the state security forces and border guards opening fire on Kurd border porters in western Iran and civilians carrying fuel in southeastern Iran.

Over 200 Iranian citizens were directly or indirectly killed or wounded by Iran’s state security forces in 2020. At least 74 citizens were killed, including 36 porters, 5 fuel carriers and 33 other citizens. The 2020 arbitrary shootings injured at least 130 people.