Wednesday , 20 January 2021

US Ambassador Sam Brownback condemns heart wrenching gross Human Rights violations of The Iranian Regime

Shabtabnews – On the weekly webinar with Ambassador at large Sam Brownback, and US Commission on International Religious Freedom chair, Gayle Manchin, spoke with IOPHR representative, Hamid Gharagozloo, about the gross Human Rights violations of the Iranian regime.

In the meeting Ambassador Sam Brownback stated: “It has been a while that I have not talked about the Human Rights violations in Iran, not because things have miraculously changed, but because frankly, the continual rampant and gross Human Rights violations are heart wrenching and exhausting.

Few days ago, the whole world witnessed the execution, or more aptly put, murder of yet another Iranian dissident Mr. Ruhollah Zam, the abducted journalist who had dedicated his life to the cause of freedom for the oppressed nation of Iran. While the regime was preparing to murder Mr. Zam, Javad Zarif, Khamenei’s foreign minister had convened with his E.U. counterparts, working on an extensive economic cooperation plan – code word for the fire sale of Iran’s natural resources in return for political concessions –  proving yet again the European’s betrayal of Iranian people. This hypocrisy has to end and E.U. should be held accountable.

The oppression of Gonabadi Sufis continues as usual. Mr. Behnam Mahjoubi, the Gonabadi Sufi prisoner, is furloughed between the mental asylum where psychosis inducing drugs are administered to him, and Qarchak prison. There are seven other Gonabadi Sufis in prison for over 1,030 days with no end in sight.

Few days ago, Ms. Shirin Khakpoor, a dissident fighting the barbaric, draconian and misogynistic policies of the regime levied against Iranian women, was sentenced to 18 years of prison in a ruling by the appeals court.

Murders, arrests, imprisonments and oppression of the over twenty million Iranian Sunnis continues as usual.

So is the oppression of Baha’is who have been stripped off of every civil right since the inception of this regime.

So is the oppression of Christians and those who have converted to Christianity.

I ask of every organization and individual in this gathering to join me in taking a firm stance against the occupying regime in Iran and hold their cooperating counterparts responsible.”