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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Weekly Review of Censorship: For God’s Sake, Just Leave Us Alone

iranwire.com – Journalist Masoud Kazemi says that security agents continue to harass him following his release from prison, despite the fact that he has been adhering to a ban on journalistic activities. Although Kazemi, the former editor of the monthly Seday-e Parsi, has not resumed professional journalism work due to the ban, he did go on to Twitter on November 7. “Eight months have …

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Iran’s New Ambassador to Yemen is a High-Ranking Quds Force Commander

iranwire.com – Until three weeks ago, Hassan Irloo was a mysterious figure – associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’s Quds Expeditionary Force – who despite frequently being mentioned in the news was never shown in the media. There was even doubt as to whether “Hassan Irloo” was real or a pseudonym. But three weeks ago, on October 18, he came into …

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Covid-19 Restrictions Tightened as November Protest Anniversary Approaches

iranwire.com – Further restrictions to help reduce the spread of coronavirus will be imposed in Iran on Tuesday, November 10. The measures have been met by substantial criticism on social media, with many Iranians questioning the motives behind them. Some say the move is political: the anniversary of the widespread protests that were brutally suppressed by authorities is only days …

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Young Men Flogged in Public in Northeastern Iran For Theft

Iran-HRM – The public flogging sentences for two men were carried out today in the city of Golbahar in northeast Iran. A Judicial Official in the province announced the public punishment saying that the flogging sentences of two young men convicted of theft were carried out in public in the city of Golbahar. In his comments carried by the state-run …

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Covid-19 Cases Surge and Isfahan Hospitalizations Reach Critical as Curfew is Imposed

iranwire.com – Starting on November 10 and lasting for a month, all businesses in Tehran, provincial capitals and populous city, except essential services, pharmacies and food stores must close at 6pm, President Rouhani announced at a meeting of the National Coronavirus Taskforce. Rouhani emphasized that “family gatherings and parties” contribute to the spread of coronavirus and said that, since in winter …

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Will Russia Step up its Disinformation Campaign Post-Election?

iranwire.com – Emil Filtenborg and Stefan Weichert are independent journalists based in Ukraine. In a weekly series for IranWire, they examine the landscape of disinformation in Russia and some of the false information that has emanated from the country since the outbreak of coronavirus. Russia has tried to influence the United States presidential election this year, and, as usual, social media …

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Khamenei.com: Khamenei Buys into China’s “New Silk Road” Plan

iranwire.com – Khamenei.com is a review of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s 31-year record as Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic. Khamenei is one of the world’s most secretive and unknown leaders. Details on his personal life are scant and, except for his son Mojtaba, whose name has been in Iran’s news only in recent years, media outlets have seldom published any reports …

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How Will Biden Change U.S. Policy On Russia, Iran?

RFL/RE – As a candidate, Joe Biden said he would reverse many of the foreign-policy initiatives of the Trump administration, such as withdrawing the United States from international agreements, and work to repair the transatlantic relationship that he contends has been the key to stability in Europe over the past 75 years. He has said he would take a tougher …

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