Friday , 2 June 2023

Shocking Deaths of 6 Students Prompt Ban on Suicide Reports in Ramhormoz

IRAN-HRM – The Department of Islamic Culture and Guidance in the city of Ramhormoz issued a directive banning reporters and journalists in this city from covering news of suicides. The measure comes in the wake of suicides of six high school students in Ramhormoz, in Iran’s Khuzestan Province in a short period of time.

After a 15-year-old student took his own life in Ramhormoz, it was reported that another five students in this city had done the same earlier.

The website Asr-e Jonoub reported that the Governorate and the Health Network of the city of Ramhormoz had written to the Department of Islamic Culture and Guidance, tasked with censorship under the clerical regime, instructing the agency to formally ban all reporters from reporting on suicides in this city.

The Governor of Ramhormoz confirmed the rising number of suicides in his city on Monday, November 16, claiming that they were investigating the cases and the reasons. A few hours later though, he instructed the Department of Islamic Culture and Guidance to ban all reporters from covering the news on suicide.

Rostami, head of the Department of Education in Ramhormoz, announced that at least 4,000 out of the 27,000 students in this city have been left out of school because they did not have proper cellphones to attend online classes.

He clearly said that one of the suicide victims who was a girl took her own life because her family did not agree with her purchasing a smart phone to be able to continue her education.

More than 7 percent of suicide victims in Iran are young teenagers.