Thursday , 17 June 2021

Water Cut Off, Dire Sanitary Conditions and Shortage of Food at Tehran Prison

Iran-HRM – Regime officials have also increased pressure on prisoners in various cities across the country. Inmates in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary (GTP) are suffering from food shortages and starvation.

Iran HRM has been told authorities at the GTP have increased pressure on prisoners in section 2.
Inmates are reportedly being held in poor conditions, and that they lack sufficient access to food and hot water and basic sanitary supplies.

An informed source said on Tuesday, October 20: “Hot water has been cut off for two weeks in Section 2, where political prisoners arrested in November 2019 protests are being held. Prisoners have to shower with cold water in autumn, which results in bone disease, kidney pain, and the flu during the pandemic.”

“Despite the prisoners’ protest against this situation, the authorities have not taken any measures,” the source added.

There are only four bathrooms for at least 80 prisoners in Halls 10 and 11 of the section 2.
The places are filthy with bedbugs, rats, and lice.

Rats nest on ceilings and walls and are not eradicated by the simple equipment available to prisoners.
Prisoners who were forcibly moved to this ward recently, have complained of food shortages in the past days.

Eggs have been removed from prisoners’ diets for some time now. While distributing food, each prisoner receives about 10-12 tablespoons of rice, and the prisoners have to make up for the food shortage at their own expense.

On the other hand, water in this prison is supplied from polluted wells and the prisoners have to buy each bottle of water for 30,000 rials, which is more than many can afford.

These prisoners have no income and they depend on their families to provide for them. Ironically, many of these prisoners were the breadwinners of their household, which makes the situation bad for them and their families.