Saturday , 25 September 2021

IOPHR condemns the spineless execution of the Iranian wrestling champion

Shabtabnews – In a statement today IOPHR condemned the “spineless execution of the Iranian wrestling champion, Mr. Navid Afkari.
The statement called the execution a ” desperate attempt by the Iranian regime to implement the hated policy of fearmongering, or achieving “victory through fear”, in order to dissuade the Iranian young men and women from demanding their basic human rights.”

The statement also stated that its “time for the European governments, and the European Union to stick to the basic principles of human rights and human dignity, rather than make immoral profits through trading with the notorious Iranian regime, which has not even agreed to sign the FATF.”

Moreover it stated that “decision that the European governments will make in this regard, will be a true measure of their sincerity towards the adherence to the fundamental principles of Human Rights, which the European Union is claimed to be founded on.”

Full text of the statment: