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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Sistani To Followers: Partake In Muharram Ceremonies Through Safe ‘Alternatives’

Radiofarda – In response to questions from his followers about participation in the ceremonies traditionally held during the month of Muharram, the Iraq-Based Grand Ayatollah Sistani has advised partaking through online and television programs and other safer alternatives. In an edict published by his office on Thursday, the prominent Iraq-based Shiite source of emulation who has many followers in his …

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Leaked Iran Judiciary Letters Claim Government Ignored Requests For Coronavirus Aid To Prisons

Radiofarda – Amnesty International on Friday released the text of four letters from the hardliner-dominated Judiciary’s Prisons Organization written to the health ministry requesting coronavirus aid to prisons, which the government left unanswered. The letters which were made public for the first time by Amnesty were sent to the ministry between late February and early July in connection with the …

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Iran Opens New Case on Jailed Dissident, Dashing Release Hopes

VOA – Iran has opened a new investigation into a dissident whom it has jailed for most of the past decade, allowing the government to prolong his detention rather than release him this month as he had hoped. In a Tuesday interview with VOA Persian, the Iran-based mother of dissident Majid Asadi said he told her about the new case …

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US Frowns Upon Iranian Supermarket in Venezuela’s Capital

VOA – U.S. officials frowned upon the opening of an Iranian supermarket in Venezuela’s capital, saying Thursday that any presence of Iran in the Western Hemisphere is “not something we look very favorably on.”   Acting Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Michael Kozak told journalists in a call that the opening of the market …

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Death Sentences for Five Men Upheld Despite Allegations of Torture, False Confessions

CHRI —Death sentences against five men arrested in Isfahan Province, central Iran, in connection with nationwide protests during December 2017-January 2018, have been upheld by the Supreme Court, a source with knowledge about the case told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on July 30, 2020, despite reports of false confessions extracted under torture and serious evidence contradicting the men’s guilt. …

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Iran: Prisoner Morteza Pirkhezri Executed at Sanandaj Prison

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – A prisoner on death row for qisas (retribution in-kind) on charges of “premeditated murder” was executed in Sanandaj Central Prison. According to Iran Human Rights (IHR), the identity of the prisoner executed this morning has been established as Morteza Pirkhezri, 42. He had been sentenced to retribution in-kind for “premeditated murder”. An informed source told …

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