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Monthly Archives: April 2020

IMF Must Not Buy the Mullahs’ Coronavirus Lies

gatestoneinstitute.org – The U.S. Embassy wrote in a Facebook post: “The possessions of the current supreme leader Ali #Khamenei alone are estimated at $200 billion, while many people languish in poverty because of the dire economic situation in #Iran after 40 years of rule by the mullahs.” If the Iranian leaders are so concerned about the public health, why they …

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Iran’s coronavirus stimulus: too little, too late

Al-Monitor – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei permitted on April 6 the administration of President Hassan Rouhani to withdraw 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) from Iran’s National Development Fund to address the negative economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The move comes after weeks of disbelief in the government’s circle and passivity in dealing with the economic impact of the pandemic. …

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Tehran Municipality Preparing 10,000 New Graves For Possible Coronavirus Victims

Radiofarda – An official of Tehran Municipality on Sunday told the members of the City Council that 10,000 new graves are being prepared in the capital’s largest cemetery for possible coronavirus victims. Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Sunday, Mojtaba Yazdani said isolated facilities for ceremonial washing of bodies before burial were also being installed in crisis …

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Metalworkers Tell Rouhani Wage Earners Cannot Afford Necessities Amid Pandemic

Radiofarda – A group of metalworkers in Iran have written to President Hassan Rouhani saying they cannot afford items to protect themselves against the coronavirus “because thanks to you and governments before you we have become poorer everyday and our purchasing power has diminished”. The letter published by the labor news agency ILNA on April 12 says a multitude of …

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Iran Officials Still In Disagreement Over Lockdown, Resumption of Business Activities

Radiofarda – President Hassan Rouhani insists on ending the coronavirus-related restrictions and advocates resumption of economic activities in opposition to the Health Ministry which has kept warning the deadly virus outbreak cannot be controlled without such restrictions. Critics accuse the administration of putting the economy before people’s health. President Rouhani dismisses this allegation and insists that imposing strict lockdown regulations …

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As Unemployment Soars In Iran No One Talks About One Billion Euros Taken From Reserves

Radiofarda – The Iranian administration’s spokesperson, Ali Rabiei, says the coronavirus outbreak has adversely affected the employment situation of 7.3 million Iranians. In a commentary he wrote for the semi-official news agency ISNA on Saturday April 11, Rabiei said that the outbreak has affected 3.3 million full-time employees and 4 million self-employed workers in Iran. The estimate is less than …

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Coronavirus: Iran investigating if COVID-19 was US biological attack, says official

Al-Arabia – Iranian scientists are investigating whether the coronavirus outbreak in the country could be the result of a US biological attack, said an Iranian military official on Sunday, referring to a widely debunked conspiracy theory which has been voiced by several other Iranian officials. The number of coronavirus cases in Iran increased rapidly in late February, with the outbreak centred …

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Popular Iranian TV Series Criticized For ‘Unforgivable’ Scenes Reminiscent Of Shah-Era Shows

RFL/RE – Until recently, the Iranian television series Paytakht (Capital) was praised for promoting state policies — including Tehran’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — while also attracting viewers who usually watch satellite TV for entertainment. But Paytakht has recently been accused by hard-liners of being manipulated by Iran’s enemies for perceived immoral content and scenes that resemble those …

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How IHR documents secret executions in Iran

Iran Human Rights (IHR): The 12th annual report on the death penalty by Iran Human Rights (IHR) and ECPM (Together Against the Death Penalty) provides an assessment and analysis of the death penalty trends in 2019 in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It sets out the number of executions in 2019, the trend compared to previous years, the legislative framework and …

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