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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Rockets Target Iraqi Base Housing Coalition Troops

VOA – Security officials say a fresh round of rockets has hit an Iraqi base where U.S.-led coalition forces are located.  It was not immediately clear if there were any casualties.  An Iraqi colonel told Reuters at least 10 rockets hit the base.  The unusual daytime attack Saturday on Camp Taji came just days after a similar attack on the …

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US Fears Iran Facilitating Spread of Coronavirus

VOA – Iran’s struggle to contain its coronavirus pandemic could have a ripple effect across the Middle East, with some U.S. officials suggesting it could further destabilize an already volatile region.  In particular, military officials worry that the regime’s slow response has quietly turned Iran into a launching pad for the virus, helping it to spread far beyond what officials …

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Several Detained, Summoned in Iran After Publicly Criticizing State’s COVID-19 Response

CHRI – Members of civil society in Iran including a city councilman, soccer player, and journalists were detained or summoned for questioning after criticizing the Iranian government’s management of the country’s widening COVID-19 outbreak via postings on their social media accounts. Those who’ve been arrested include previously imprisoned Shiraz councilman Mehdi Hajati, who was re-arrested by agents of the Islamic Revolutionary …

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Top Foreign Policy Advisor To Iran’s Khamenei Quarantined With Coronavirus

Radiofarda – The top advisor of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati has tested positive for novel coronavirus, Iranian news outlets reported on March 12. Before joining Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s corps of advisors as top foreign policy advisor, Velayati had set a record by presiding over the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for sixteen consecutive years (1981 97). Seventy-five-year-old …

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Iran Continues Persecution Of Dissidents And Critics Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Despite a deadly coronavirus epidemic, Iranian security forces and Judiciary continue the persecution of political dissidents, activists and critics as well as the ill-treatment of prisoners with great zeal. A glance at social media platforms and even the highly censored Iranian media leaves no doubt that criticism of the establishment for its mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis, even from non-political …

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