Tuesday , 17 May 2022

Five Killed in Prison Riot Over Mismanagement of Coronavirus Outbreak

Iran-HRM – At least five inmates were killed in a prison riot triggered by the authorities continued refusal to grant leave to the prisoners despite coronavirus outbreak.

Inmates in Adel Abad Prison launched a riot on Sunday night, March 29. Reports indicate a large number of prisoners are infected with coronavirus and authorities have not been providing any medical care or necessary supplies.

Many inmates have been able to flee the prison, reports indicate, and various local sources reported hearing sounds of gunfire from the prison.

Iranian officials claimed that none of the prisoners were able to escape from Adel Abad Prison in Shiraz last night. They also said that neither prisoners nor prison guards were hurt in the incident. But human rights sources say that at least five prisoners were killed with pellet guns. Four of the prisoners have been identified as Afshin Kazemi, Hossein Ahmadi, Ali Ranjbar and Mojtaba Gholami.

The report said that at least 30 other prisoners were injured and wounded after being attacked and shot with pellet guns, including one prisoner who lost his eyesight.

During the past two weeks Iranian prisoners rioted and fled from seven prisons across the country in fear of getting infected with the coronavirus during the country’s epidemic.

The coronavirus outbreak and a number of inmates being infected in numerous prisons across Iran, the inmates are facing serious threats and their lives are in grave danger.