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Dozens of Iranian Doctors Died During Iran’s Coronavirus Crisis

Iran-HRM – As Iran’s coronavirus death toll rose to 14,200 over the weekend, 78 healthcare workers were confirmed to have died in Iran’s coronavirus crisis.

Dozens of Iranian Doctors Died During Iran's Coronavirus Crisis

The deaths of the Iranian healthcare workers from Covid-19 have shed light on severe lack of necessary medical items and standard protective gear in under equipped hospitals across the country.
Even before the coronavirus outbreak, Iran stood way below the international standards with a severe shortage of physicians, nurses, and medical staff. So, as the outbreak is sweeping across the country, Iran’s doctors and nurses as well as the other medical staff are going through extraordinary pressure.
According to the head of the Industry and Mine Organization in Kerman, 41% of those infected with COVID-19 in the southeastern province are healthcare workers. Mehdi Hosseini Nejad said that the reason behind the high infection rate was a problem in “providing masks, alcohol and gloves” for healthcare workers in Iran’s COVID-19 outbreak.
Healthcare workers in Gilan, northern Iran, which has one of the highest COVID-19 fatality rates in the country, also face a severe shortage of protective gear and equipment.
On March 7, a member of the board of directors of the Mashhad Nursing Organization said that nurses in several hospitals did not have adequate protective gear.
“Nurses in some hospitals are faced with a lack of protective gear including medical gowns, N95 masks, gloves and disinfectants,” Javad Tavakoli told the state-run YJC website.

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Doctors & nurses across #Iran are losing their lives as the regime refuses to provide necessary equipment & supplies in the struggle against COVID-19.

-Dr. Nilufar Ismael-bigi
-Dr. Arastu Rostamnezhad
-Dr. Shahrzad Tabatabaei
-Dr. Hossein Johari#NationalDoctorsDay

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Heshmat Alavi@HeshmatAlavi

-Dr. Hamidreza Mihani
-Dr. Sa’adat Shakiba
-Dr. Seyed Morteza Vojdani
-Dr. Ali Mahmoudkhan Shirazi#NationalDoctorsDay

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The names of frontline staff who died Iran’s coronavirus crisis have been compiled by Iran Human Rights Monitor, as follows:
Dr. Abdullah Abbasi, infectious disease specialist, Gorgan
Dr. Morteza Vojdan, general practitioner, Mashhad
Dr. Ali Mahmoudkhan Shirazi, general practitioner, Shiraz
Dr. Hamidreza Mahini, general practitioner, Pakdasht
Dr. Hossein Johari, ENT specialist, Qom
Dr. Seyyed Mozaffar Rabi’e, anesthesiologist, Babol
Dr. Esmail Yazdi, surgeon, Tehran
Dr. Samad Babazadeh, general practitioner, Babol
Dr. Taghi Ahari Farshchi, pediatrician, Tabriz
Dr. Gholamali Manavian, general practitioner, Sari
Dr. Shirin Rouhani Rad, general practitioner, Pakdasht
Dr. Surena Mirmirani, psychologist, Amol
Dr. Raola Ragutam, internal specialist, Saveh
Dr. Mehdi Variji, general practitioner, Tehran
Dr. Soheil Kianfar, urologist, Rasht
Dr. Iraj Ebrahimi Nezhad, general practitioner, Babol
Dr. Abbas Tousan, ENT specialist and surgeon, Babol
Dr. Afshar Amiri, psychiatrist, Tehran
Dr. Vahid Irvani, psychiatrist, Tehran
Dr. Habibullah Peiravi, specialist in vascular surgery, Tehran
Dr. Saeid Azizi, ophthalmologist, Zabol
Dr. Reza Kouchaki Nia, ediatrician, Rasht
Dr. Hamid Lotfi, orthopedist, Rasht
Dr. Siamak Dayushli, pediatrician, Anzali
Dr. Mostafa Samadi, ediatrician, Babol
Dr. Mohammad Ali Rabi’e, general practitioner, Gilan
Dr. Mohammad Mohammadi, general practitioner, Rasht
Dr. Ardeshir Shiran, general practitioner, Isfahan
Dr. Musa Fath Abadi, emergency medicine specialist, Tehran
Dr. Vahid Monsef, emergency medicine specialist, Rasht
Dr. Farid Niruyi, surgeon, Babol
Dr. Seyyed Yousef Musavi, general practitioner, Golestan
Dr. Mohammad Bakhshali Zadeh, general practitioner, Rasht
Dr. Arastu Rostamnezhad, Pakdasht
Dr. Nilufar Esmail Beigi, genetal practitioner, Tehran
Dr. Hamidreza Zeinali, pharmacist, Tehran
Dr. Abdulshakur Hazhir Amiri, pharmacist, Rasht
Dr. Hamidreza Davoudi, pharmacist, Babol
Dr. Javad Jalalinia, anesthesiologist, Babol
Dr. Saeid Momeni, laboratory science expert, Roudsar
Tahereh Esmaili, nurse, Qom
Ahmad Soleimani Doust, healthcare worker, Qom
Mohammad Ghader Noruz Mehr, healthcare worker, Rasht
Amir Reza Honarkar, physiotherapist, Tehran
Zabihullah Kaviani, healthcare worker, Borujen
Iman Moein Zadeh, nurse, Astaneh Ashrafieh
Ghorbanali Hosseinzadeh, nurse, Kashan
Tahmineh Adibi, nurse, Anzali
Reza Poursaki, nurse, Abadan
Reza Rusta, healthcare worker, Tehran
Hanieh Edalati, healthcare worker, Takestan
Anusheh Beikian, obstetrician, Rasht
Mohsen Khadem, operating room nurse experts, Kashan
Roghieh Ronaghi, healthcare worker, Some’ Sara
Seyyedeh Azemat Mousavi, obstetrician, Sari
Nahid Noshad, nurse, Gilan
Shahrouz Karimian, nurse, Tehran
Hassan Arbab, healthcare worker, Mashhad
Banou Khoshgoftar, healthcare worker, Fouman
Esmaeil Bakhshi Pour, healthcare worker, Rasht
Zehtab, healthcare worker, Rasht
Seyyed Al Hosseini, healthcare worker, Rasht
Izad Panahi, nurse, Shiraz
Molud Jafari, nurse, Tehran
Ali Sheikh Moradi, nurse, Rasht
Narjes Khanali Zadeh, nurse, Lahijan
Ramin Azizifar, nurse, Tehran
Gholamreza Vosughi Kia, nurse, Rasht
Mohammad Kazem Golresan, laboratory expert, Yazd
Sa’adat Shakibayi, nurse, Yasouj
Nader Hosseinpour, healthcare worker, Lahijan
Kamran Bayat, surgery room nurse, Tehran
Mahmoud Shamsuddini, healthcare worker, Yazd