Thursday , 20 January 2022

‘Protest Migration’ Of Athletes Serious Challenge, Iran Olympic Chairman Says

radiofarda – The Chairman of Iran’s Olympic Committee says “protest migration” of Iranian athletes and elite is “extremely worrying” and a “serious challenge to the country at present and in the future”.

In a note published on the website of Iran’s National Olympic Committee on February 2, Reza Salehi-Amiri said emigration is a “social thermometer” and reveals the inadequacies and constraints of the country and society emigrants leave behind.

Salehi-Amiri dubbed the emigration of Iranian athletes, experts, and elite “escape in protest” and said while emigration is not necessarily an undesirable phenomenon, “escaping in protest” is and can have many negative psychological, political and social consequences for Iran and damage its reputation.

The National Olympics Committee has formed a group and organized a seminar to investigate the dimensions of the problem and offer “a realistic analysis”, Amiri-Salehi said.