Sunday , 29 March 2020

At least two people killed by Iraqi security forces as clashes continue

Al-Arabia – At least two people were killed by Iraqi security forces when they fired at demonstrators in the cities of Karbala and Baghdad, according to Al Arabiya sources on Tuesday.

Demonstrators blocked major roads in the capital Baghdad, as well as the governorates of Najaf, southwest of the capital Baghdad, and the city of Karbala, in central Iraq. They also closed the Revolution Bridge in Babil.

Local Iraqi media also reported, citing a security source, that seven people had suffered breathing problems from the use of tear gas.

Monday was the deadline for the government to meet the protesters’ demands, which include forming a temporary government, holding early elections, and investigating the killing and kidnapping of activists.

At least three Iraqi protesters and two policemen were killed in Baghdad on Monday after security forces used tear gas and live fire to disperse crowds and prevent them from blocking roads, according to medical sources.

Demonstrations in the country have erupted in the country since October 2019 over widespread corruption and foreign interference in the country.