Tuesday , 14 July 2020

IOPHR calls for international committee to investigate all aspects of the downing of Ukrainian Airliner

Shabtabnews – The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) in a statement called for ” international committee to be set up which consists of impartial experts, to investigate all aspects of this tragedy and in particular any  violation of Human rights that has occurred due to the actions of the Iranian regime by shooting down the Ukraine airliner “

In this statement IOPHR also stated “that accepting the Iranian authorities’ claim that the downing of the civilian aircraft was not deliberate, at the same time throws serious doubts about regime’s ability to operate in other areas involving complex technology, like nuclear technology. For example, isn’t it also possible that a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead could be mistakenly fired in the future?”

It also suggested that “Given the Iranian regime’s long record of eliminating its opponents by any possible means, we should not, in the light of this record, easily dismiss out of hand the possibility of deliberate shooting down of the Ukrainian aircraft” at which point the statement outlined many possible reasons for doubtting the Iranian Governments version of accounts in regards to the downing of the Ukrainian Airliner such as: “

  • Despite the Iranian authorities’ claim that there was a ‘war space’ environment within Iranian airspace, no passenger flights were actually cancelled that day. It should also be noted that within all IFF (Identification Friend & Foe) systems all civilian aircrafts are automatically considered as Friendly flights, as evidenced by dozens of normal domestic and foreign flights operating before and after Ukrainian Airline’s Flight 752.
  • The Ukrainian Airline’s Flight 752 did not enter the Iranian airspace from outside, but took off from Tehran’s Khomeini International Airport. Thus, the flight originated from Iranian airspace. The aircraft was only shot down after reaching the altitude of 2400 meters. Therefore, if the aircraft did in fact pose a threat, it should have been fired at, when it was at a lower altitude, as clearly at a lower altitude it would have potentially deemed to be even more of a threat. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that at no time the aircraft was given a warning or was fired at with warning shots to warn it off its trajectory.
  • The air traffic control centre of Tehran Khomeini International Airport is located in Tehransar area and the area where the Ukrainian aircraft was hit by the missile is between the airport and Tehransar, which is not a military area. Therefore, it’s impossible to accept that all of the sudden the aircraft was shot down accidentally because it had entered a military sensitive area.”

The full statement can be viewed through following link: