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Monthly Archives: December 2019

US Has Fresh Intelligence On Possible Threat From Iran – CNN

Radiofarda – Intelligence gathered by the United States during November points to a potential threat from Iran to U.S. forces and American interests in the Middle East, CNN’s Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr has reported. One unnamed U.S. official told CNN that there has been “consistent intelligence in the last several weeks”, which has caught the attention of officials. The information gathered by …

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Police Officer Killed In Iran In The Aftermath Of Bloody Protests

Radiofarda – Iran’s official government news website IRNA says that an attacker took a police officer’s gun from him and killed him today in a town in the oil-rich Khuzestan province. A gunman wounded on the ground after shooting a policeman in the city of Shadehgan, Iran. December 3, 2019 The report says the attacker, in one of the main …

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Even Piecemeal Information Reveals Extent Of Protests In Iran

Radiofarda – Iranian officials pride themselves in concealing the death toll and extent of arrests made during and after the recent protests from the “enemy”. Although the authorities have so far provided only piecemeal information, the remarks made by two officials on Tuesday about the arrests in the capital and its nearby towns and townships reveals the extent of the …

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Khamenei Planning A New Suppression Machine Resembling Revolutionary Committees Of The 80s

Radiofarda – Iran Supreme Leader has recently called for restructuring the Basij paramilitary force as a more mobile, omnipresent militia similar to the Islamic Revolution Committees of the 1980s. This is clearly a response to November’s widespread protests and shows the Iranian establishment perceiving a more serious threat. In an address to Basij members on the occasion of “Basij Week” on November …

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Iran Drops To The Bottom Of OPEC Oil Exporters List

Radiofarda – Iran has dropped to the bottom of the list of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) crude exporters, slightly ahead of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Meanwhile, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia have retained their position at the top of the global table with producing 14.46, 12.08, and 11.18 barrels of crude per day (bpd), respectively. …

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Demonstrations, road blocks continue across Lebanon

Al-Arabia – Protesters continued to block roads using tyres and vehicles across cities in Lebanon on Wednesday, while many staged a sit-in in front of the Central Bank of Lebanon in Baalbek, east of Beirut, the National News Agency reported. This comes after a night of clashes between protesters and anti-riot police where tear gas was used to disperse the …

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IRGC forces massacre protesters hiding in marsh in southwest Iran

Iran-HRM – The Iranian regime forces opened fire on a group of protesters in the marshlands of Mahshahr in the southwest Khuzestan Province. The reports from the city come after Iran lifted an almost complete internet blackout which the authorities implemented to hide the scope of their brutal crackdown on protests.  The internet is still off in Mahshahr in Iran’s …

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Iran President Calls For Release Of ‘Innocent’ Unarmed Protesters

RFL/RE – Iran’s President Hassan Rohani has called for the release of protesters who were arrested in recent demonstrations against a sharp hike in gas prices if they were unarmed and simply voicing their opinion.“Religious and Islamic clemency should be shown and those innocent people who protested against petrol price hikes and were not armed…should be released,” Rohani said in …

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Fears Deepen for Families of People Held in Iran Amid Unrest

VOA – Families of several U.S. and British people held in Iran expressed fear for their loved ones Tuesday amid the deadliest unrest in decades in the Islamic Republic. The relatives spoke at a news conference in Washington to demand the release of spouses and parents held in Iran — in at least one case for more than a decade. …

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