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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Amnesty: At Least 161 Killed In Iran Protest Crackdown

Amnesty International has revised its estimated death toll from the unrest that rocked more than 100 Iranian towns and cities last week to 161, from an earlier toll of 143. “The confirmed number of protesters killed in Iran has risen to at least 161 protesters, according to credible reports received by Amnesty International,” it said in a brief statement sent …

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Influential Politicians Criticize Rouhani For Remarks On Gasoline Price Hike

Radiofarda – Two influential politicians in Iran have criticized President Hassan Rouhani’s statement November 27 that he did not know gasoline prices would be raised November 15. The price hike led to widespread protests across the country, with security forces killing at least 143 demonstrators. An outspoken member pf parliament and a former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have said the president …

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Reformist Cleric Under House Arrest In Iran Criticizes Crackdown on Protesters

Radiofarda – One of the reformist candidates of the disputed 2009 elections in Iran who has been under house arrest since February 2011 published a statement lambasting the use of force against people protesting recently. In his statement the 81-year-old Mehdi Karroubi harshly criticized the threatening language used by the authorities against the protesters and the “indescribable violence” against them. …

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Iraqis Shatter Taboos In Rage At Iran, But Bloodshed May Follow

By torching Tehran’s consulates and slapping their muddy shoes against photographs of top Iranian officials, Iraqi protesters have shattered a taboo on public criticism of their influential eastern neighbour. But even as it faces red-hot rage in the streets, Tehran has consolidated its influence within Iraq’s political class and among armed actors, analysts tell AFP. In the latest expression of …

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IRGC Commander Calls For Legal Action Against The Rouhani Administration

Radiofarda – A top IRGC commander has called for legal action against President Hassan Rouhani and his administration, saying they have ignored the people’s demands. Former IRGC commander-in-chief Mohammad Ali Jafari who is currently the commander of the IRGC’s Soft Warfare Headquarters told Tasnim news agency on Wednesday November 27 that Rouhani and his administration’s behavior were the main reason …

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Iranian Users Question Government’s Claim About Internet Connectivity

Radiofarda – Officials in Iran claim cell phone internet has been reconnected in parts of the country. However, users still complain about internet blackout in most parts of the country. While ISNA reported Wednesday afternoon that cell phone internet connectivity has been restored in most parts of Tehran Province, users in Tehran complain that most cell phone users are still …

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At least 50 ‘rioters’ arrested in Iran for alleged links to protests

Al-Arabia – At least 50 people were arrested in three major Iranian cities on Thursday for alleged links to the recent anti-government protests in the country, state media reported citing local authorities. Western Tehran’s police chief Mohsen Khancharli said that 30 of the “main” individuals behind the recent “riots and unrest in Western Tehran” have been arrested. The arrestees “engaged …

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Protesters gather in Lebanon’s Zahle, Beirut amid PM speculation

Al-Arabia – Protesters have gathered outside the Central Bank in the Lebanese city of Zahle in protest at the bank’s policies amid the ongoing political and economic crisis in the country, reported the Lebanese channel LBC on Friday. In the capital Beirut, young men attempted to block entry to the Ministry of Finance’s TVA building, reported the National News Agency …

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Iraq top cleric al-Sistani condemns attacks on peaceful protesters, rejects govt

Al-Arabia – Iraq’s top Shiite cleric on Friday condemned the use of lethal force against protesters and urged demonstrators to reject acts of violence and vandalism, warning against another spiral of violence as demonstrations continued across the country. “Attacks against peaceful protesters are forbidden,” a representative of Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said, addressing worshippers at Friday prayer in Karbala. Protesters “must …

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