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Iranian Startups: Komodaa’s Success Story Is Heard From Shiraz

PayvandNews – Sana Khalesi, founder of Komodaa, formerly a content writer in the UK and Greece, says of launching komodaa Startup in Shiraz and that she and her team are thinking of a market of 3,600 billion Tomans (about 300 million dollars). Komodaa is the first Eco-friendly and online fashion marketplace in Iran that tackles this issue by making it super simple to buy/sell pre-owned wearables.

By Tahereh KhajegiriShanbe Magazine

Sana Khalesi, founder of Komodaa
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The founder of Komodaa is a 29 year old girl with a world of experience, Sana Khalesi. She holds a BA in English Literature and has worked for 6 years abroad; 3 years in England and 3 years in Greece.

As a copywriter, she works with a foreign company and says she’s made money with photography and graphic work.

She spent six months in Oxford for creative writing, returned to Iran and then moved to the United States where she was invited to attend the University of Virginia. But she did not stay in U.S and returned to Iran. These events all occurred between the ages of 22 and 24.

I can

Sana has an important feature; when you see this girl, it looks like the word “can” is in front of you. I can, and I do my best, because I don’t want to fail. She has been frustrated many times, but has continued every time for the sake of her faith.

When I ask Sana about her career experiences, she says:

I’ve been working since I was 18 years old. From teaching in an English language school, that I was not at all interested in, to doing freelance work such as photography and graphic design. I also worked for 3 years in an British company as an art director.

She has an easy way of dealing with life

“Because I am a storyteller, I also deal with life in the same way that each step is a story and a new story. So we move from one left to another and each section has its own problems and issues.”

Literary background of a startup founder

She has a considerable literary history. Having studied English language and literature, he has done a great deal in this field. In this case, she says, “I did a lot of literary work from the age of 18 to 22.

My poetry book was published in America, I held a photography exhibition at the University of Zurich. Then I came to a point where I realized that writers had a place in marketing and worked as a copywriter.

Later, I came up with a new story called Starting a Personal Business, Komodaa.


کُمُدا یه پلتفرم اجتماعی اشتراک‌گذاری پوشیدنی‌ها و مخصوص خانم‌هاست، که با بازگردوندن پوشاک بلا‌استفاده به چرخه‌ی مصرف، هم جیبمون پر پول می‌شه برای خرید لباسای جدید، هم کره‌ی زمین خوشحال‌تر می‌شه.

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Although Sana studied humanities, she has a good track record in working with computers: I was nine years old when I went to the DOS class.

In fact, I grew up in front of a computer and now my business is the kind of business where I deal with tech world.

No one knows the future, but in the case of businesses, planning sometimes indicates the future. Sana says maybe in the future we will work with businesses like Digistyle.

Both of us have made suggestions, and we want this cooperation, and we think that co-branding can happen because we have a common target market.

But now they are queuing up to invest in this startup. Various valuations have been made on Komodaa , with figures such as 17 and 20 billion Tomans (~1.5 million dollars).

Notable Statistics

Its founder speaks of selling more than 800,000 items on the platform, and that the 21-member team based in Shiraz and several in Tehran are thinking of a market of 3,600 billion Tomans (about 300 million dollars).

Komodaa received its first capital investment check last July. The capital invested 300 million Tomans on smartphones.The investment was made by Smartup on Komodaa .

Sana is in the process of negotiating future rounds of fundraising, but pursues an important principle – focusing on earnings.

Considering the four features of Komodaa’s users, that is:

  1. All women
  2. 16 to 44 years old
  3. Urban with internet access
  4. Their economic classification are 4 to 8

We reached our target of 3,600 billion tomans (about $300 million dollars) a year. This number is not the size of the Iranian market, but a target-driven market that Komodaa wants to reach.

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