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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Iran: Man Hanged at Mashhad Prison

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – A prisoner has been executed at Mashhad prison for murder charges. According to IHR sources, on the morning of Tuesday, October 8, prisoner Jahan Agashteh, 39, was hanged at the Iranian city of Mashhad’s prison (also known as Vakilabad prison). “Jahan Agashteh was from the city of Isfahan. Four years ago, he was arrested for …

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Iran: Singer Maybe Sentenced to Death for Social Media Chat

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – An Iranian singer, Mohsen Lorestani, has been arrested in Iran and accused of «corruption on earth» for his activities on social media. Corruption on Earth is a charge which is punishable by the death penalty. According to his lawyer, Iranian singer Mohsen Lorestani is charged with Corruption on Earth. Lawyer Kazem Hosseini told the Farsi …

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Iran: Two Prisoners Hanged for Drug Charges

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Two men were hanged for drug-related charges at the prison of the Iranian city of Kerman Sunday According to IHR sources, on the early morning of Sunday, October 6, Abdolhakim Shahbakhsh and Assadollah Alizehi were hanged for drug-related charges at the prison of the Iranian city of Kerman.  “Asadollah Alizehi was a former political prisoner …

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Iran Blocks Domestic Hosting Companies From Servicing Banned Websites

CHRI – Internet hosting companies in Iran must cease providing services to filtered websites based in the country, according to an order issued by the deputy prosecutor general in charge of cyberspace, Javad Javidnia, on August 31, 2019. The Iranian government had previously turned a blind eye to hosting companies that were servicing blocked websites in Iran; people based in the country accessed …

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Recipient of 12th Bita Prize for Persian Arts: Kayhan Kalhor

PayvandNews – We are pleased to announce the 12th recipient of the Bita Prize for Persian Arts is the acclaimed musician Kayhan Kalhor! Kayhan KalhorPhoto credit: Hamid Shirmohammedi Kayhan Kalhor, born in Tehran, began his musical studies at the age of seven under Master Ahmad Mohajer. A child prodigy on the kamancheh (spiked fiddle), he was invited at the age of 13 to …

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More Than Half Of Iran’s Hard-Currency Export Earnings Remain Abroad

Radiofarda – As Iran suffers from a sharp decline in exports, the minister of economy and finance has said less than half of the hard currencies earned from exports return to the country. Since the United States imposed crippling sanctions on Iran’s economy last year, bringing oil exports to a halt, the country began to feel a huge foreign currency …

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Protest Against Allowing Women Into Stadiums Draws a Small Crowd in Iran

Radiofarda -Media in Iran reports that on Monday around fifty people gathered outside the Iranian parliament to protest the latest decision to allow women enter the Azadi stadium and watch an international men’s soccer game. A small number of conservative protesters gathered outside Iran’s parliament to condemn Iran’s recent decision to allow women into a stadium to watch men’s football. …

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Iran Hardliner Says Iraq’s Protest To Undermine Massive Iranian Pilgrimage

Radiofarda – Iran’s Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeesi (Raisi) has called the ongoing unrest in Iraq “A U.S.-Saudi sedition” and charged that they are aimed at overshadowing the massive Iranian pilgrimage for Arbaeen, the anniversary of the 40th day of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom. Meanwhile, the hardliner judge likened the Iraqi protests to unemployment, corruption and government inefficiency to the September 2018 demonstrations …

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No Ministers At Iran Parliament Session, Instead Guards Commander Speaks

Radiofarda – In an unprecedented event at the Iranian Parliament (Majles), Deputy Commander of revolutionary guards (IRGC) Ali Fadavi spoke on Monday October 7 during a closed-door session on fuel and energy subsidies. Oddly enough, Iranian news agencies did not mention the presence of a cabinet minister in the session debating a sensitive economic and political issue. The Majles and …

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