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FIFA Officials To Visit Iran After Death Of Stadium-Ban Protester

RFL/RE – FIFA will visit Iran to review preparations for allowing women to attend men’s soccer games, a spokesman for the world soccer governing body told Reuters and AFP on September 11. Sahar Khodayari died after setting herself on fire. The announcement of FIFA’s visit, expected in the next two weeks, follows the death of a 29-year-old woman who set …

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Iran celebrates Bolton ouster

Al-Monitor – US President Donald Trump’s announcement on Twitter that he removed his national security adviser John Bolton caught many by surprise in Iran. As with most Iranian reactions to developments in US politics, the official response has been cautious. Still, excitement could be read between the lines. President Hassan Rouhani addressed Bolton’s removal by advising the US government to “come to the understanding that warmongering and warmongers do not …

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2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying: Iran 2-0 Hong Kong

PayvandNews – Iran have kick-started their Asian qualifying campaign for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and the 2023 AFC Asian Cup in China, with a 2-nil away victory over group C rivals in Hong Kong. Team Melli went ahead midway through the first half, when Zenit Saint Petersburg striker Sardar Azmoun volleyed home from inside the area.And with …

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Oil falls 2.9% following report Trump discussed easing sanctions on Iran

CNBC – Oil prices dropped on Wednesday after Bloomberg News reported that President Donald Trump discussed easing sanctions on Iran in order to reopen negotiations.  President Donald Trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions on Iran in June in response to the downing of an unmanned U.S. drone in the Strait of Hormuz. Trump said “we’ll see what happens” and that he …

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Iraq’s Al-Sadr In Iran Meets Khamenei

Radiofarda – Iraqi Shiite politician Muqtada al-Sadr was in Iran and met Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei during the religious Ashura mourning gathering on September 10. It is not clear if he is still in the country. Official photos released show the maverick cleric sitting next to Khamenei, flanked by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Qods force commander Qassem Soleimani. Sadr, who emerged …

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Two British-Australians And An Australian Jailed In Iran

Radiofarda – The Australian government has confirmed reports that two British-Australian women and an Australian man have been detained in Iran and that the families of the three are receiving assistance.Citing privacy concerns, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade didn’t provide additional information.However, several Australian and British media reports said the three have been behind bars in Iran for …

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Iran’s Judiciary Chief Uses An Iron Fist To Pave His Way To The Top

Radiofarda – The Iranian Judiciary has condemned several labor activist during recent weeks to unusually long-term imprisonment and up to 148 lashes. Esmail Bakhshi who represents Haft Tappeh Sugar Mill workers has been sentenced to 14 years in jail and 74 lashes, while civil rights activist Sepideh Qolian was sentenced to over 19 years in jail and several others received sentences of …

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Iran Changes Names Of Tankers To Confuse Sanctions Monitors

Radiofarda – Defiant Iran has renamed three more of its tankers to skip the U.S. sanctions, and sell oil clandestinely, Kpler a data intelligence firm told Radio Farda. The Islamic Republic had earlier changed the name of its supertanker, Grace 1, to Adrian Darya, to sidestep a U.S. warrant to seize the vessel. According to Kpler, to avoid sanctions, vessels …

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Iran says Bolton’s departure will not push Tehran to talks with US

Al-Arabia – Iran said on Wednesday the firing of John Bolton as US national security adviser will not push Tehran to reconsider talks with the United States. “The departure of US National Security Adviser John Bolton from President Donald Trump’s administration will not push Iran to reconsider talking with the US,” state news agency IRNA quoted Tehran’s United Nations envoy …

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