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New, Watered-Down Draft Law On Violence Against Women In Iran

Radiofarda – After years of delays, the Islamic Republic Judiciary has finalized a weaker bill for the “Protection of Women Against Violence” and returned it to President Hassan Rouhani’s administration. But the bill appears to be much weaker than the first draft proposed by the government. For one thing, the country’s judiciary has discarded the articles defining “violence” and its …

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei approved attacks on Saudi oil facilities: Report

Al-Arabia – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei approved the attacks that targeted Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities on Saturday, CBS News cited a US official as saying on Wednesday. The source added that Khamenei approved the attacks on the condition that it be done in a way that Tehran could deny any involvement. On Wednesday, Arab Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that Saturday’s …

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FIFA Chief Hopeful Iran Will End ‘Unacceptable’ Women Stadium Ban

RFL/RE – FIFA President Gianni Infantino says he is hopeful that Iran will address the “unacceptable situation” of banning women from entering soccer stadiums as a World Cup qualifying match nears.The head of the world soccer’s governing body said in a statement on September 19 that he had contacted Iranian soccer officials several times recently over the issue and a …

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U.S. Supports Saudi ‘Right To Defend Itself,’ Iran Slams New Sanctions

RFL/RE – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States supports Riyadh’s “right to defend itself” after a weekend attack on its oil industry that Washington has blamed on Iran. Commenting after a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince, Pompeo wrote on Twitter on September 19 that the Iranian regime’s “threatening behavior will not be tolerated.”Pompeo’s comments and the …

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Despite Tough Talk, Trump Leery of Foreign Conflict

VOA – A president with few ideological constants, Donald Trump has consistently been leery of getting entangled in overseas military engagements. It’s a stance shaped by his belief that wars in places like Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq have drained America’s resources at home and its reputation abroad. Despite his tough talk about American military might, Trump has largely kept the …

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France: Macron Sides with Iran’s Mullahs – On September 14, just a few days after former National Security Advisor Ambassador John R. Bolton was comfortably disappeared from the administration, Iran inflicted major damage on a massive oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia, Macron, in short, has done as much or more than any other European country to favor the Iranian regime — more than Germany, …

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