Friday , 19 July 2024

Angry Iranians Dismiss Complaint About Zarif Not Allowed To Visit Sick Ambassador

Radiofarda – Spokesman of Iran’s foreign ministry has said the country’s ambassador to the United Nations in New York who suffers from cancer, found out about his condition after being appointed to the post earlier this year.

After Iran complained this week that the U.S. State Department refused permission to foreign minister Javd Zarif to visit Ambassador Majid Takht Ravanchi in a New York hospital, Iranians on social media expressed suspicions that the ambassador was appointed to the post to receive medical treatment in the U.S.

One user tweeted asking why regime insiders must receive the best medical care in the West while ordinary Iranians must manage with whatever medical means is available in Iran.

Many exiled Iranians have also tweeted that they cannot visit their loved ones in Iran who similarly face life-threatening illnesses while Zarif complains about not being permitted to visit his ambassador.

ShabnamTolouei شبنم طلوعی@TolShabnam

Thanks to technology we are able to see our beloved relatives, parents and grandparents, crying and saying goodbye while they are dying in hospitals in Iran without being able to see their children who had to flee the country because of you and your fellow government. @JZarif …Javad Zarif@JZarifThanks to technology, I was able to see and talk to my friend of 40 years and our UN ambassador Ravanchi, who is in hospital here in New York only a few blocks away.2206:58 PM – Sep 28, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy28 people are talking about this

The press attaché at the Iranian Mission to the UN has tweeted that embassy staff have medical insurance in the U.S. and “naturally his (Ambassador’s) medical bills are taken care of by the insurance company”.

Takht Ravanchi is reportedly receiving treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Another Twitter user says Takht Ravanchi should receive medical care in Iran to prove his loyalty to the policies of the regime, which offers substandard health care in Iran.