Saturday , 19 September 2020

Pompeo: There is consensus in the Gulf that Iran responsible for attacks

AL-Arabia – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday his country wanted a “peaceful resolution” to the crisis over attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure.

He added there is a consensus in the Gulf that Iran is responsible for the attacks.

“We’d like a peaceful resolution. I hope the Islamic Republic of Iran sees it the same way,” he told reporters in the UAE, following Saturday’s attacks.

Pompeo explained that the US was building a coalition to deter Iran after an attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, but it wanted a peaceful resolution.

“We are still striving to build out a coalition in an act of diplomacy while the foreign minister of Iran is threatening all out war and to fight to the last American, were here to build up a coalition aimed at achieving peace,” Pompeo told reporters after meeting Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.Last Update: Thursday, 19 September 2019 KSA 18:24 – GMT 15:24