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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Iran Minister Says Despite Discontent Fewer Protests

radiofarda – Despite growing discontent among people in Iran, the number of protests in the country has decreased, the Islamic Republic Minister of Interior claimed on Sunday, August 18. Speaking to deputy governors in the Iranian capital Tehran, Abdol Reza Rahmani Fazli admitted, “While people’s dissatisfaction has increased [in recent months], the number of protest rallies across the country shows …

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Iran Planning Powerful, New Generation Centrifuges To Boost Enrichment

radiofarda – The Islamic Republic of Iran is planning to work on introducing a new generation of uranium enriching centrifuges, a lawmaker told local media on Sunday August 18. The IR-8 Centrifuges are 20 times more powerful than the first-generation equipment Iran has been using for uranium enrichment. Hamid Reza Hajibabaee quoted the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Chief Ali Akbar …

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In A Notorious Prison In Iran 200 Women Threaten Hunger Strike

radiofarda – Nearly 200 inmates in the women’s block of the notorious Qarchak prison near the Iranian capital city, Tehran, said on Saturday, August 17, that they would reject the food provided by the authorities until their demands are met. In a letter to the Islamic Republic’s director-general of prisons, Heshmatollah Hayat al- Ghayb, the enraged inmates have protested the …

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Ten Detained Activists Go On A Hunger Strike In Iran

radiofarda – Iranian activists arrested on August 10 in front of a courthouse in the city of Mashhad in northeast Iran have gone on hunger strike, one family member told Radio Farda. The sister of Huriyeh Farajzadeh Tarani, who lives in Canada, in an interview on August 17 said that her sister and other nine detainees have begun a hunger …

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The Battle For Succession In Iran Takes Its Toll

radiofarda – While attacks on Expediency Discernment Council Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani continue, he has given a strongly worded answer to one of his critics, hardliner Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi. Yazdi had last week accused Larijani of corruption, while also questioning his credentials as a Shiite seminary scholar, saying that he has never been effective in Qom, and his threat to …

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Gibraltar Rejects U.S. Request Over Closely Watched Iranian Tanker

rferl.org – Shipping and other international authorities continue to monitor an Iranian supertanker cleared for release after a month in custody in Gibraltar over possible breaching of EU sanctions, but the reportedly renamed vessel might be sailing into a showdown as U.S. authorities are still seeking its seizure. Officials in Gibraltar on August 18 rejected a renewed U.S. request that …

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Iran: Man Hanged at Khodabandeh Prison

Iran Human Rights (IHR); August 16, 2019: A man was executed at the prison in the Iranian city of Khodabandeh for murder charges Wednesday. According to the Iranian Students News Agency, the man was sentenced to death for killing three people of a family last year. The whole process from his arrest to the execution took only around half a …

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Iran Cracks Down on Instagram Celebrities as It Tightens Noose on Freedom of Speech and Expression

iranhumanrights.org : Investigations by the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) indicate that dozens of Iranians with large followings on Instagram—including athletes, fashion models and actors—were summoned by security officials in 2019 and in some cases charged with crimes for the content of their posts. Although most were ultimately released on bail, many were forced to hand over control …

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Six-Year Prison Sentence Upheld Against Journalist Who Was Denied Right to Fair Trial

IranHumanRights.org : An Appeals Court in Tehran has upheld a six-year prison sentence against political journalist Hamed Aynehvand without holding a hearing, his lawyer, Hossein Bayat, informed the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on August 13, 2019. “Before the preliminary court’s decision, there were people who told me not to bother because for sure Hamed was going to get …

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