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Monthly Archives: April 2019

The Floods, the Mullahs and the Cinderella in Boots

gatestoneinstitute – The natural disaster has also revealed some of the fundamental weaknesses of a dysfunctional system that, having devoted its principal resources and much of its energies to promoting a weird ideology, seems to be incapable of coping with basic tasks of a normal nation-state. President Hassan Rouhani, spending a week-long holiday in the island resort of Qishm, appeared …

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When Will Iran’s Regime Finally Cave In?

gatestoneinstitute – “Yes, the accused fled from a country where virtual bullies push against science, knowledge and expertise and resort to conspiracy theories to find a scapegoat for all the problems because they know well that finding an enemy, spy or someone to blame is much easier than accepting responsibility and complicity in a problem”. — Kaveh Madani, one of …

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Iran Admits Flood Relief Tents Sold On The Internet

radiofarda – Iran’s Deputy Prosecutor General for cyberspace has confirmed that “profiteers” are selling Red Crescent disaster relief tents meant for free distribution among flood victims on some websites. The official government news website, IRNA quoted Javad Javidnia as saying, “A lot of these kinds of problems and violations also existed in the past, but today engaging in fraud online …

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Senior Iranian Lawmaker Threatens Tit For Tat If U.S. Designates Guards As Terrorist

radiofarda – A senior Iranian lawmaker has threatened the U.S. Armed Forces with reciprocal measures if Washington designates the Islamic Revolution Guards as a terrorist organization. Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh was responding to a Reuters report saying the U.S. will soon announce its designation of the Guards Corps (IRGC) as a …

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Iran, Iraq To Develop Joint Gas Fields At their Borders

radiofarda – Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh says Iran and Iraq have agreed to jointly develop two natural gas fields at their border areas. Official news agency IRNA quoted Zanganeh on Sunday as saying “initial agreements have been made on developing the two natural gas fields in Naft Shahr and Khorramshahr.” He said Iraq is a developing country where several …

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Iran Parliament To Table Motion To Designate U.S. Army A Terrorist Organization

radiofarda – The Iranian Parliament (Majles) is preparing to table a motion to designate U.S. army as a terrorist organization if U.S. does the same about Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corpse (IRGC), Iranian official news agency IRNA quoted Majles Foreign Relations and National Security Chief Heshmatollah Falahtpisheh as saying on Sunday April 7. The Majles is to treat the motion …

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Iranian press review: Beauty boom busts US sanctions

middleeasteye – Iran’s cosmetic products market was valued $2.7 billion in 2018, with over half of the products being smuggled into the country, according to ISNA news agency. With a population of 81 million, Iran has the second highest consumption rate of cosmetic products in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia – a ranking unaffected by the US sanctions and …

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Submarine Battery Explosion In Iran’s Military Shipyard Kills Three

radiofarda – A “battery explosion” in Iran’s submarine building center in Persian Gulf port city of Bandar Abbas killed several people on April 6. Ann official from the governor’s office in Bandar Abbas said that three people working for Iran’s armed forces naval industries were killed in the incident. Apparently, there are no other injuries. “Three Defense Ministry staff were …

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G7 Meeting Voices Concern Over Iran’s Missiles And Regional Role

radiofarda – At the end of a two-day meeting, Foreign ministers of the Group of Seven nations broadly agreed on issues, but failed to bridge differences on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how to deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, France’s top diplomat, Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Saturday, April 6. Hours earlier, the German Foreign Minister had twitted that …

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