Tuesday , 20 November 2018

Iran’s Road Minister Resigns

Radiofarda – Abbas Akhoundi, the Roads Minister in President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet has resigned.

Iran-Tehran-Abbas Akhoundi- Akhoondi-Iranian Roads and Urban Development Minister / عباس آخوندی

Akhoundi published his resignation letter on his page on the social networking platform Telegram on Friday.

In the Letter, Akhoundi criticised the Rouhani administration’s handling of US sanctions.

Akhoundi added that he was against the way the Rouhani administration confronts US sanction as his methods violate essential rights about ownership and competition and were against the law.

He said he has resigned on three previous occasions. However, he asked Rouhani to accept his resignation before October 22.

The resignation comes only two weeks before a second round of US sanctions against Iran start on November 4.