Friday , 20 May 2022

Iran Prosecutor General Threatens Striking Truckers To Death

Iran-HRM – Iran’s Prosecutor General threatened striking truckers to death saying truckers who disrupt road regulations “will be considered bandits which can sometimes lead to death sentences,”  the state-run Radio and TV news network (IRIB) reported on Thursday, September 27.
Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shiraz also warned that the truckers will be “seriously dealt with.” “Anyone who obstructs the supply of goods and services in any way, will be seriously dealt with according to the law,” Ali Salehi said.
Salehi vowed to determine special departments for dealing with “violations” of striking truckers saying, “These individuals face charges such as disturbing public order and security, road blockade, with charges such as disturbing public order and security, deliberately damaging people’s properties and creating insecurity on roads, which may even be considered as Moharebeh.”
Iranian truck drivers angered about low salaries and skyrocketing spare parts prices have launched a new round of strikes in more than 200 cities throughout all of Iran’s 31 provinces.
The drivers continued their strike despite regime authorities resorting to various threats and broken promises in an attempt to prevent them from protesting.
The Iranian regime even hired operatives to force the drivers into loading their trucks. This initiative also failed.
Drivers have even set up their own checkpoints to control the roads at nights and prevent the government from pursuing its own conspiracies and threats.
Dozens of drivers have been arrested so far.