Sunday , 24 January 2021

Lack of visitation rights for Sufi’s in Fashafiyeh prison

Shabtabnews – 19 Sufi’s  imprisoned Fashafiya Prison , who are all on hunger striker ,were banned from meeting  their families on the orders of the prison authorities .

This prohibition, is a clear an attempt by the authorities to stop the dissemination of news about their physical and medical condition.

The Sufis started their hunger strike after last month the Fashafiyya Prison guards attacked the Sufis within the 3rd Brigade of the Prison . In response to the attacks they Sufis started their hunger strike and demanded the immediate release of imprisoned women Sufi  and the release  Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh, the leader of Gonabadi Sufis from house arrest.

Furthermore, in direct opposition to the Prisons guidelines,  which state that the prisoners’ location should be proportionate to their type of crime, the prison authorities of Fashafoyi have imprisoned the  the Gonabadi Sufis amongst harden criminals which has placed them under undue psychological strain .