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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Meybod, Iran: Open-air museum of ancient watermills

PayvandNews – Some 50 kilometers north of Yazd, central Iran, lies the sprawling mud-brick city of Meybod, whose tourism officials are planning to internationally promote it as the “city of watermills”. Meybod seeks UNESCO status for long being a cradle of watermills and for its cultural evolution of water supply through the millennia, ISNA reported.

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Reformism weakens as factional interests reign supreme in Iran

Al-Monitor – The United States is increasing its pressure on Iran at a time when the country’s Reform movement appears to be on its deathbed. Increasingly, the Reformist camp’s attempts to help overcome the national crises related to the failing economy and external pressure are deemed meaningless by many Iranians who have been responding to such efforts with anger and scorn.

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Ten Reasons Why Rouhani May Look Angry

Radiofarda – Iranian media is buzzing over a photo taken of President Hassan Rouhani at a meeting with the heads of Iran’s legislative and judiciary branches August 14. Some say Rouhani looks angry in the photo, and commentators are taking turns speculating what might be the cause of his ire.

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India Planning To Halve Its Oil Imports From Iran

RFL/RE – India, the second biggest crude oil customer for Iran, may cut its imports from the Islamic Republic by half to secure a waiver from the U.S. to continue with shipments, Bloomberg has cited “people familiar with the matter” as saying.

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