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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Using soft power to isolate Iran supporters

Al-Arabia – It is expected that there will be celebrations, such as music concerts, to mark Eid El Fitr. These celebrations might even extend throughout the whole summer vacation in different places in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.

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How rial’s devaluation may boost Iranian economy

Al-Monitor – The money supply in the Iranian economy exceeds $355 billion at the official exchange rate, remarkably surpassing total economic output of $331 billion. Financial depth, a metric showing the ratio of liquidity to gross domestic product, is commonly indicative of the state of a given economy. But financial depth can be too high; the rapid growth of this …

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Why do Iranian conservatives hate this top-rated TV series?

Al-Monitor – Iranian state TV censorship of a popular series has once again created a controversy in the Iranian circles, starting a debate on rape, child molestation and sexuality on screen. The controversy follows the decision of the state TV’s censorship of an episode of “Don’t Leave Me,” a top-rated TV series that ran throughout Ramadan, the high season for …

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