Wednesday , 23 January 2019

Iran: Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Arrested

Iran Human Rights – Prominent lawyer human rights defender, Nasrin Sotoudeh, was arrested at her home on Wednesday, June 13. She was previously imprisoned for her professional and HR activities. 

Nasrin’s husband, Reza Khandan, confirmed the arrest on his Facebook page.

During the past years, Nasrin represented many Iranian activists in the courts. Recently, she represented Girls of Revolution Street.

A couple of days ago, in an interview with IHR’s legal magazine, HoghogheMa, Nasrin Sotoudeh warned against publishing a “List of Approved Lawyers” by the Head of Iranian Judiciary to represent political prisoners, and advised activists not to choose “regime-dependent lawyers.”

Iran Human Rights (IHR) strongly condemns this arrest and demands her immediate and unconditional release. The spokesperson and director of IHR, Mahmoud Amiry-Moghaddam, said, “Iran is probably one of the few countries where defense lawyers are persecuted for doing their job”. He added, “We ask the world community to play a more active role in defending the Iranian human rights lawyers and to ask for immediate release of the detained lawyers and end persecuting them.”