Friday , 23 July 2021

Iran: The State Security Forces Open Fatal Fire On Protesters In Kazerun

Iran-HRM – The state security forces opened fire on demonstrators who were protesting plans to divide their city – Kazerun, southern Iran – killing at least tow and injuring dozens of others including women.

Sources from Kazerun say Hamid Biyun and Majid Sirous are two protesters killed by the state security forces. Unconfirmed reports also indicate a 12-year-old girl wounded by authorities.
Over 100 demonstrators have reportedly been arrested.
The numerous arrested protesters include Mohammad Shafi’i, Mohammad Dehghan, Mehdi Davoudi, Masoud Mokhtarzadeh, Akbar Abbasi, Behnam Yousefian, Hossein Heydari, Mohammad Rasekhi.
Clashes between the people and the state security forces flared up as the rally continued into the night, with many locals and family members of those arrested demanding the release of the detainees.
According to local reports, a convoy of 40 armored police vehicles has entered Kazeroun. The convoy, which was dispatched from Shiraz, was sent to the city to quell protests. The people of Seif Abad, south of Kazeroun, have blocked the roads to prevent the regime’s backup security forces from reaching Kazeroun and suppressing the protesters.
Iranians spreading the word about the news of tonight’s protests using Farsi hashtag “Kazerun in blood,” declaring Thursday, May 17, 218, 15 as the day of public mourning for the victims.