Thursday , 5 August 2021

Iran: Elite Student Akam Salehi Arrested In Sanandaj

Iran-HRM – Akam Salehi, an elite student from Baneh Township was arrested in Sanandaj. The reason is yet unknown.

Akam Salehi

Akam was one of the members of “No to closing Baneh’s border” campaign who has twice quitted in a signed letter in protest to the closure of border in Baneh. He also has criticized the government for “not solving the problems of Baneh’s Bazaar and had announced that “Do they have to stage an unrest so that these gentlemen react?…”

Recently Bazaar shop keepers have gathered in protest and staged a strike to protest against the closure of border passages and an increase in the price of custom tariffs. Several have been summoned, interrogated and detained in that regard and some are still under custody and interrogation.”